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Power Generation

GT represents the collective interests of manufacturers and suppliers of power systems and ancillary equipment.
We influence international standards and provide a unique environment to network and share experiences. For consulting engineers and specifers we offer a trusted source of expertise, advice and proven suppliers
We specialized in any part that your power plant may require.

Some Part Lists

  • Turbine (GE ,Kaplan, Francis & Pelton)
  • Generators (Synchronous & Induction)
  • Main inlet value
  • Gear box
  • Governor, switchgear and Control panels.
  • Mechanical Balance of plant
  • Electrical balance of plants
  • Switchyard equipments
  • Automation & communication equipments

Oil and Gas

GT Oilfield Supply Company has been supplying oilfield equipment and supplies worldwide since 2000. Our range of support has included major equipment to spare parts for all types of oilfield equipment. 
We are dedicated and committed to timely responses focusing on the supply of equipment, spare parts and service.

Ropeways/Chair lifts

GT offers with our Principal manufacturer a complete line of cable transport systems, including surface lifts, chairlifts, gondolas, urban transport, trams, inclined elevators, industrial trams, etc. Our Principal's experience and flexibility allow us to design, engineer, manufacture and maintain transportation systems which are precisely adapted to the changing needs of our customers; including electrical and mechanical upgrades, technical support, gearbox inspections and repairs, and installation for systems throughout World.


Food Grading/Sorting

GT offers GP Graders are the world leader in Food grading and packing machinery. Our mechanical and electronic solutions have been developed with an emphasis on speed, accuracy and, most importantly, gentle handling of fruit grading.

Our Profile
As a Group, our driving goal is to grow, succeed and become a leader in every business