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Iconic professional water quality solutions for residential and commercial applications. Available through professional water treatment OEMs, distributors and dealers.

Swimming Pools

As the global leader in swimming pool, spa and aquatic equipment, Zag Pools has built a reputation as the innovation leader, providing high performance, reliable and energy-efficient products that pool owners and operators can depend on to make their pools more inviting, easier to maintain, and extraordinary…from the smallest backyard pool to the largest water environment


Elegance, simplicity and cutting-edge technology for the whirlpool baths 
The benefits of the true Jacuzzi whirlpool bath are rediscovered in Sharp, the new family of whirlpool baths.


Bullfrog's exclusive SpaDesign software allows you to design your best hot tub online, one that is personalized just for you. You choose your JetPak massages, your colors, your features, and your accessories. SpaDesign will also allow you to get the contact information for the Authorized Dealer


sauna, steam bath: a real wellness centre in just 8 square metres. , ZP invented a new wellness concept that offers a cutting-edge aesthetic and emotional dimension to your self-care and relaxing moments. The single, wooden frame gives this elegant model, focused on three different treatments, a compact appeal in a space suitable for sharing a supreme experience.Comprises three modules but offers ten different combinations to satisfy any requirement in terms of space, style and use.

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Systems delivers water and agro chemicals directly to the root zones of plants according to their requirements. This system has achieved immense popularity throughout the world. Pakistan's neighbouring countries, which has similar agricultural conditions have experienced up to a 200% increase in yield and a 70% saving in water consumption, using this technology as compared to conventional methods.


We Create a stunning landscape that can be enjoyed during the day and night with inventive outdoor lighting solutions.

Water Filtartion

Our customized products such as Water Filtration plant, wheel based canopy mounted RO plant effectively cater to varied industrial and domestic application


The complete sunshade programme has a single name: Glatz 
Granted. We all prefer sunshine to rain. All the same, too much sun can easily and very quickly spoil a good time. Sunshades are a good solution. Especially those that offer more than is apparent at first glance. Because with sunshades, too, it’s the little details that make all the difference. Some of these are only borne out after extended use. For example, ease of operation, the choice between centre-pole or free-arm sunshade, the sensitivity of the fabric to light, the protection offered against hazardous UV radiation


Domestic and Commercial water booster pumps, Commercial and residential , Sumersible Pumps, Single and twin sets for existing low pressure systems or new installations.
With planned reductions to mains pressure across the country, rural homes and urban high rises are facing potential water pressure problems. Our home boosters are easy to install methods of quickly giving home systems a pressure increase.
We supply and install both hot water and cold water booster pumps with an option of multistage centrifugal pumps. Our other pumps include sanitary macerating pumps, swimming pool pumps, submersible garden pumps and circulating pumps, Sumersible pumps Commercial and industrial

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