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Our Product Range

Swimming Pools

As the global leader in swimming pool, spa, and aquatic equipment, Zag Pools, a part of Ghanchi Group Water Division, stands as the innovation leader. Our high-performance, reliable, and energy-efficient products transform pools into inviting, easy-to-maintain, and extraordinary aquatic environments, catering to both residential and commercial applications.


Experience elegance, simplicity, and cutting-edge technology with Jacuzzi whirlpool baths. Rediscover the benefits of true Jacuzzi relaxation in Sharp, the new family of whirlpool baths designed to elevate your bathing experience.


Bullfrog’s exclusive SpaDesign software allows you to personalize your hot tub online, choosing JetPak massages, colors, features, and accessories. Tailor your spa experience with the help of authorized dealers connected through SpaDesign.

Sauna/Steam Bath

Discover a real wellness center in just 8 square meters with ZP’s sauna and steam bath solutions. Inventors of a new wellness concept, our elegant models, focused on three different treatments, offer a compact appeal for sharing a supreme experience.


Address water pressure concerns with our range of domestic and commercial water booster pumps, submersible pumps, and circulating pumps. From existing low-pressure systems to new installations, Ghanchi Group Water Division provides reliable solutions for a variety of water pumping needs.

SEIKO Aquatic System

As exclusive distributors of Seiko Aquatic systems Japan in Pakistan and the Middle East, we offer precise and reliable solutions for swimming competitions and training. With intuitive interfaces and durable construction, our Seiko timing systems ensure accuracy and efficiency in aquatic environments, empowering swimming organizations and events.

Ghanchi Group Water Division
Where Water Meets Innovation

At Ghanchi Group Water Division, we are dedicated to redefining aquatic experiences through innovation, quality, and reliability. Whether it’s transforming your backyard pool, creating a spa oasis, or revolutionizing agricultural practices, our diverse product range caters to your every water-related need. Join us in enhancing the way you interact with water – where every drop tells a story of excellence. Ghanchi Group Water Division, where water meets innovation for a better, more sustainable future!